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The DDDb 10 Plank Plan for the Coming Months

Step #1:
Immediate implementation of the city°s standard Uniform Land Use Review Procedure (ULURP) to allow community review of the Ratner Plan. The City Council must demand that the Mayor and Governor ensure that this Plan goes through ULURP.

Step #2:
As part of the ULURP process, open public hearings to explore and establish (a) the best development plan for the MTA/LIRR°s Atlantic Yards; and (b) the best and most appropriate location for a proposed Nets arena (possible alternative sites to be considered -- Coney Island, East New York, Brooklyn Navy Yard, sites to be determined in Queens).

Step #3:
Full public disclosure of all City and State subsidies being requested by the Developer, including but not limited to: True cost of the rail yards, based on intended use; moving and/or platforming over the rail yards; true cost of the city streets to be acquired and demapped; development and improvement of infrastructure, including (but not limited to) new and/or upgraded roadways and transit facilities, schools, police and fire services, sanitation, water, power, etc.; subsidies to corporate tenants to induce them to occupy the office space; rent paid by city or state agencies to occupy the office space.
True cost of the project financing borne by NYC and NYS, including direct underwriting/structuring/legal costs, "float costs", increased interest rates due to project uncertainties (manifested by lower debt ratings) associated with bonds and other financial instruments used to finance the arena, commercial, and residential buildings, infrastructure or other improvements.

Step #4:
Open bidding process to determine true value of the MTA/LIRR°s Atlantic Yards site ¬ which Ratner is proposing to use for his development ¬ including an independent, verifiable, published appraisal based on the intended future use of the site, not its current state

Step #5:
Formal analysis by NYC°s Independent Budget Office, the State and City Comptrollers, the City Council°s Economic Development Committee and the State Financial Control Board to establish the economic impact of the Ratner Plan on the taxpayers of New York City and State

Step #6:
Eminent domain and the threat of eminent domain must NOT be used for this project. Therefore full public disclosure of the exact boundaries of the Ratner Plan footprint to determine which residences, businesses and community resources will be directly affected, must be forthcoming immediately.

Step #7:
Public Scoping Hearing to determine which elements of the Ratner Plan require an environmental impact study and how that study will proceed.

Step #8:
Signed, legally binding guarantees from the developer (or developers) regarding pollution, noise, and rat abatement if and when construction begins.

Step #9:
Signed, legally-binding contract with the City committing to publicly-promised job creation and affordable housing targets based on Brooklyn°s median income, with clear definitions and specific numbers for all categories.

Step #10:
Approval by City Council, State Assembly and State Senate of any Memorandum of Understanding executed by unaccountable state corporations and/or authorities (MTA, ESDC) and a private developer that commit any city or state subsidies to the project.

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Develop Don't Destroy Brooklyn's
Position Statement

For ALL the latest news, visit:
No Land Grab.org

Arena M.O.U.s

Memorandums of Understanding have been signed with NYC and NY State.
MOU with NYC & NYS
MTA Letter to Forest City Ratner

Develop-Don't Destroy Brooklyn is advocating to bring greater transparency, government accountability and community involvement to the development of the Atlantic Yards area in Brooklyn. We challenge Bruce Ratner's proposed Nets Arena and 17 Highrise development plan for the area.
What is Ratner proposing?

People in Brooklyn may want the Nets, but no one wants a secret, taxpayer- subsidized sweetheart deal forced on Brooklyn’s communities. We want a development plan that's good for Brooklyn, not simply good for Mr. Ratner and his friends.
What's wrong with Ratner's proposal?

Develop-Don’t Destroy Brooklyn leads a broad-based community coalition fighting for development that will unite our communities instead of dividing and destroying them.
DDDb's list of achievements.

Wednesday, March 16, 12pm. Forest City-Atlantic Yards Informational Luncheon. Gargiulo's Restaurant 2911-15 West 15th Street, Coney Island. POSTPONED.POSTPONED.

The Chamber of Commerce event is billed as "A presentation to formally introduce the Atlantic Yards project to businesses in the outer parts of the borough.  The presentation will cover how the project will benefit all Brooklyn businesses."

Come, let them know the reality and have some good food.

Chamber Members and Non Chambers Members Free.  Contact: Yuk Ling Lo 718-875-1000 ext. 116. More info.

Wednesday, March 16, 7:30pm. Thy Neighbor's House: A Forum on Inclusionary Zoning and Affordable Housing in New York City.
Old First Reformed Church
126 Seventh Avenue (@ Carroll Street) Park Slope, Brooklyn.
Good zoning laws can preserve housing for poor and middle-income people. We want to maintain the economic and cultural diversity of our neighborhoods. What's the way forward? Is there hope? How can we do this?

Featuring Brad Lander, Director, Pratt Institute Center for Community & Environmental Development (PICCED) and David Yassky, New York City Council Member, 33rd District

Sponsored by the Social Action Committee of Old First Reformed Church, the Fifth Avenue Committee and Park Slope Neighbors. .

Thursday, March 17, 7pm. CENTRAL BROOKLYN INDEPENDENT DEMOCRATS: Candidate Forum. Park Slope United Methodist Church, 6th Ave. & 8th Street in the basement (enter through the garden gate on 6th Ave). Candidate Forum
Invited candidates:
-- Gifford Miller, candidate for Mayor

-- Norman Siegel, candidate for Public Advocate

The public is welcome to monthly Club meetings. Refreshments will be served. More info.

Download the SUPERSIZE POSTER now.
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