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July 13, 2011
Court Rules NY State Must Undertake Supplemental Review of Ratner's Atlantic Yards Project
Presents Golden Opportunity for Governor Cuomo to Fix the Atlantic Yards Debacle


April 8, 2010
DDDB Files Motion Asking Court to Reconsider Case Against Atlantic Yards Project Approval
Motion Follows New Evidence New York State Intentionally Omitted From Legal Record

April 1, 2010
The Arena Can Wait. Affordable Housing Now.
Forest City Ratner Prioritizes Affordable Housing Over Barclays Center Arena In Brooklyn Atlantic Yards Project

March 1, 2010
Judge Grants New York State Right to Seize Homes By Eminent Domain for Bruce Ratner's Atlantic Yards Boondoggle
Outstanding Legal Issues Still Plague Atlantic Yards


December 23, 2009
Governor Paterson Allows ESDC To Move Forward With Illusory Atlantic Yards and Eminent Domain Home & Business Theft Two Days Before XMAS
Despite “Master Closing” Big Legal Challenges Against Project Remain

December 14, 2009
Forest City Ratner’s Questionable & Risky Atlantic Yards Arena Bonds
Cuomo and DiNapoli Urged to Investigate These Bonds and The Empire State Development Corporation

December 10, 2009
Atlantic Yards Eminent Domain Plaintiffs Request Reargument in Court of Appeals
Ask Court to Hold Decision on Request Until It Decides Columbia Case

Eminent Domain Ruling Against ESDC/Columbia Gives New Life to Brooklyn Owners and Tenants Fighting to Save Their Homes and Businesses

December 4, 2009
Not So Fast, It’s Not Over
Court’s Decision in Columbia Case Breathes New Life Into Case Against Eminent Domain for Brooklyn Atlantic Yards Project
Victory Against Eminent Domain Abuse Looks Like Tipping Point In Statewide Fight

November 24, 2009
Constrained Court Rules Against Property Owners and Tenants in Atlantic Yards Eminent Domain Case
Despite Ruling, Fight Against Ratner's Brooklyn Project Is Far From Over

November 19, 2009
DDDB to Comptroller DiNapoli: Paterson, Silver, Sampson Must Review and Vote on Atlantic Yards Financing
PACB Role is to Prevent The Kind of Reckless Borrowing Envisioned by the Ratner Project

November 8, 2009
Bruce Ratner Says: "Atlantic Yards Isn't a Public Project"

October 19, 2009
20 Co-Petitioners Sue Empire State Development Corp. and Forest City Ratner For Illegal Actions Taken in Approval of Atlantic Yards Project
Lawsuits Pile Up Against the Besieged Project As Community Lawsuit Seeks to Annul Project's Approval on Multiple Legal Grounds

October 13, 2009
Elected Officials, Straphangers Campaign and DDDB Sue MTA for Sweetheart Deal With Forest City Ratner
Suit Says MTA Violated State Law and Atlantic Yards Deal Between Ratner and MTA Must Be Annulled

Septemer 23, 2009
Bruce Ratner’s Oligarch Arena
Desperate Bruce Ratner Reaches to Russia in Rescue Attempt for Brooklyn Arena Project
NBA and Treasury Department Must Vet Billionaire

September 10, 2009
On Day After New Arena Designs Released…
NYC Independent Budget Office Study Shows Ratner’s Arena a Financial Loser for NYC
Warns That Planned Bond Arrangement Won’t Work

September 9, 2009
New Ratner Arena Design is Lipstick on a Corrupt Pig
Six Years Into Project And No Designs For the Promised Affordable Housing

August 4, 2009
Develop Don't Destroy Brooklyn and 25 Community Groups Ask NY State's High Court to Hear Their Appeal Challenging Atlantic Yards Blight Designation, Charging Bias and Corruption by the ESDC

August 3, 2009
Atlantic Yards Eminent Domain Challenge Asks Court of Appeals to Reject Kelo
Brooklyn Property Owners & Tenants File Appeal Brief in NY State’s High Court—The Court of Appeals

June 30, 2009
Atlantic Yards Eminent Domain Case To Be Heard By New York’s High Court
Property Owners and Tenants Will Argue Their Case Against the Empire State Development Corporation In October 

May 30, 2009
At State Senate Hearing on Ratner's Atlantic Yards Proposal:
NYC IBO: Nets Arena Would Be Money-Loser for NY City
MTA: Will Bail Out Ratner from Financial Commitments
ESDC: Modified Project Plan Will Require New Hearing & Vote

May 15, 2009
Court Rules Against Home, Business Owners and Tenants in Atlantic Yards Eminent Domain Lawsuit
Plaintiffs Will Ask the Court of Appeals to Stop New York State From Seizing Their Properties to Enrich Bruce Ratner

March 30 , 2009
Develop Don’t Destroy Brooklyn et al. File Motion Seeking Appeal of Adverse Ruling in Court of Appeals on Atlantic Yards EIS Lawsuit

March 20 , 2009
Ratner May Cut Gehry Beekman Tower in Half

If The Developer Can Only Build Half a Tower That’s Already Financed, How Is He Going To Build Atlantic Yards’ Arena and 16 Skyscrapers?
ESDC Needs to Provide Some Answers

March 17 , 2009
U.S. Taxpayers To Pick Up Tab for Barclays' Vanity Project

AIG Bailout to Fund Barclays' Naming Rights Deal For Bruce Ratner's Proposed Barclays Center Arena

February 26, 2009
State Appellate Court Rules for ESDC on Atlantic Yards EIS Appeal
But Justices Remain Skeptical About NY State’s Blight Claim As Basis for Bruce Ratner’s Project
Community Petitioners Will Ask Court of Appeals to Review the Case

February 19, 2009
Open Letter To Governor Paterson Says: Stimulus Funds Must Not Be Used To Bail Out Atlantic Yards


December 17, 2008
Frank Gehry Lays Off Atlantic Yards Staff
Ratner Seeking More Favors from City, MTA and Private Lenders For Failing Atlantic Yards Plan

December 4, 2008
Ratner Delays His Own Project

Developer Forest City Ratner Halts All Work In Atlantic Yards Footprint Due to Financial Difficulties
It's Time for the Paterson Administration to Pull the Plug on Ratner's Failing Plan

October 21, 2008
Bruce Ratner's Barclays Center Arena Not Qualified for Tax-exempt Bonds Under Today's IRS Ruling

September 29, 2008
Court Rejects New York State's Effort to Dismiss Atlantic Yards Eminent Domain Case

Ruling is a Major Setback for Bruce Ratner's Proposed Project and the Empire State Development Corporation
Property Owners and Tenants Will Get Their Day in Court Next Year

September 18, 2008
Oral Argument in Appeal on Atlantic Yards Environmental Review and Approval Focuses on Key Issue of Blight

State Appellate Court Justices Skeptical About New York State’s Blight Claim As Basis for Bruce Ratner’s Project

August 4, 2008
Nine Property Owners and Tenants File Atlantic Yards Eminent Domain Challenge in New York State Court

Petitioners Seek to Prevent New York State’s Seizure of Their Homes and Businesses by Eminent Domain

July 7, 2008
DDDB and 25 Co-Plaintiffs File Appeal in Lawsuit Against the Empire State Development Corporation, MTA & PACB
Plaintiffs Seek to Overturn Supreme Court Decision on Suit Seeking to Annul Fatally Flawed Environmental Impact Statement and Approval of Forest City Ratner's Atlantic Yards Proposal

June 23, 2008
Supreme Court Denies Eminent Domain Petition From Owners & Tenants Facing Property Seizures for Atlantic Yards
11 Property Owners and Tenants Will Take Their Case to NY State Court To Challenge the Improper Use of Eminent Domain Under New York State Law

June 19, 2008
Letter to PACB Demands New Approval of Atlantic Yards Financing in Light of Project's Dramatically Increased Price Tag

June 5, 2008
While Its Atlantic Yards Proposal Faces Failure, Forest City Ratner Manufactures 'Rally' In Support of … Forest City Ratner

May 5, 2008
New Frank Gehry Atlantic Yards Design: "Ridiculous" Design Has No Impact on Stalled Project
Renderings Only Show Phase 1 of Project, Leaving Out Bulk of "Affordable" Housing

May 4, 2008
Ratner Spins a Yarn!: Bruce Ratner Continues Atlantic Yards Back Pedaling and Damage Control on the Atlantic Yards Stall
Developer of Jeopardized Mega Project Spins Daily News Column
Says Nothing New

April 7, 2008
Forest City Ratner Says They "Still Need More" Subsidy for Heavily Subsidized Atlantic Yards Proposal

April 1, 2008
Goldstein et al v. Pataki et al
11 Property Owners and Tenants Ask the Supreme Court of the United States to Take Their Atlantic Yards Eminent Domain Case
Plaintiffs Ask Court to Consider Key Constitutional Issues Seeking to Allow Their Eminent Domain Case to Proceed

February 26, 2008
Ratner’s Atlantic Yards Affordable Housing Would Get Four Times the Subsidy of the City’s Average Per Unit

February 22, 2008
Atlantic Yards Affordable Housing in Jeopardy Due to Housing Bond Cap "Crisis"

Forest City Ratner Must Come Clean About Their Ability to Finance Their Housing Promises

February 11, 2008
Forest City Ratner Puts $58,000 Into New York Democratic Assembly Campaign Committee "Housekeeping" Fund
First Contribution By Developer In At Least Nine Years
Campaign Finance Loophole Allows for Huge Contribution After Atlantic Yards Approval, Before Project's Financing Agreements

February 1, 2008
Circuit Court Rules Against Homeowners, Business Owners and Tenants in Atlantic Yards Eminent Domain Appeal
Plaintiffs Intend to Ask US Supreme Court to Hear Their Case
Plaintiffs Will Seek All Legal Remedies to Protect Their Homes and Businesses From Seizure by New York State

January 11, 2008
NY State Supreme Court Rules for ESDC in Atlantic Yards Lawsuit
Project Cannot Move Forward While Federal Eminent Domain Case Is Pending
Community Plaintiffs Plan Appeal

December 11, 2007
Doctoroff Says Community is Right: Atlantic Yards Should Have Gone Through ULURP
Project Has Not Started Construction, Mayor Bloomberg Can Still Follow Doctoroff's Advice

November 26, 2007
Major Security Flaw Revealed in Ratner's Atlantic Yards Plan: Arena Setback Only 20 Feet From Congested Brooklyn Avenues
Newark Arena Requires Street Closings - How is Brooklyn Different? ESDC, NYPD, Mayor and Governor Not Saying.

October 14, 2007
“You can't construct an arena and put it right against a street in a post 9/11 world.”

-Newark Police Director, Garry McCarthy

Will Brooklyn Arena Be Safe From Terror?
Newark Prudential Center Street Closings Raise Troubling Questions;
Elected Officials and Community Groups Call for State Hearing on Atlantic Yards and Terrorism Security

August 1, 2007
Brooklyn-based Author Phillip Lopate and Brooklyn Businessman Harry Tarzian
Join DDDB Advisory Board

July 26 , 2007
Behind Closed Doors, a Ratner Conpromise

After "Negotiations," Developer Bruce Ratner Still Set to Reap $200 Million Tax Break from 421-a "Reform" Bill's Exclusive "Atlantic Yards" Clause

June 21, 2007

Albany 421-a Reform Bill Hands One-of-a-Kind, Special Favors to Forest City Ratner Bruce Ratner's Atlantic Yards Project Would Be The Only Project to Receive Tax Breaks for Luxury Condos Under Bill
Where Does the Favoritism and Backroom Dealing End?

June 6, 2007
Federal Court Rules That Goldstein v. Pataki Eminent Domain Case Belongs In Federal Court, But Dismisses Case Anyway
Plaintiffs Optimistic That They Will Prevail on Appeal

June 6, 2007
Documents Show More Than Half of the Financing for Forest City Ratner’s Atlantic Yards Project Is Government Backed
Project Seeks At Least $1.4 Billion in Tax-Exempt Housing Bonds, Gobbling Up Available Housing Funds From All Over New York City

May 24, 2007
Forest City Ratner’s Atlantic Yards to Blame, in Part, For Looming Con Edison Record Rate Hike

During Project Approval State Said Atlantic Yards Would Not Significantly Impact Electrical Infrastructure

April 5, 2007
26 Co-Petitioners File Lawsuit Against the Empire State Development Corporation, PACB, MTA and Forest City Ratner Companies

Community Lawsuit Seeks to Annul Fatally Flawed Environmental Impact Statement and Approval of Forest City Ratner's "Atlantic Yards"Project

March 19, 2007
In Buying Albany’s Approval and the City’s Acquiescence Bruce Ratner Was Number 3 Lobbying Spender During 2006

“Atlantic Yards” Developer Spent $2.11 Million on Lobbying Without Spending a Single Cent on Acquiring Vanderbilt Rail Yards

March 8, 2007
Forest City Ratner Misleads Public On Construction Timeline;
(Minimum) 15-Year Build Out Looms
Parent-Company CEO Says Arena Won't Open Until 2010; “We Are Terrible” in Estimating Time Needed for Construction

March 7, 2007
State Court Rules Ratner Improperly Obtained Lease For Properties in “Atlantic Yards” Footprint
Developer’s Claims of “Control” of Properties Misled ESDC, PACB;
Ruling Significantly Increases Costs of Project

March 2, 2007
Forest City Ratner Jumps Gun on Demolitions; Fate of “Atlantic Yards” Plan Rests in Courts

Seeks Demolition Permits Though Eminent Domain, Environmental Suits Could Stop Project From Being Built as Proposed; Norwood Redux

February 28, 2007
“Atlantic Yards” Financial Projections Fail to Shed Light on Forest City Ratner's Potential Profit
Figures Released By ESDC Under Threat of Legislators' Lawsuit Leave Many Questions Unanswered, Appear to Grossly Understate Profit

February 23, 2007
U.S. Magistrate Judge’s Report and Recommendation Re: “Goldstein v. Pataki” Reveals Strength of Plaintiffs’ Eminent Domain Challenge
Attorneys Optimistic of Convincing Presiding Judge Garaufis To Hear Case
in Federal Court; Challenge Will Proceed Regardless of Venue

January 30, 2007
Atlantic Yards and Ratner/Barclays Arena Are Not Viable

Property Ownership Map Explains Why

January 29, 2007
Public Cost of 'Atlantic Yards' Continues to Balloon

City Doubles Direct Taxpayer Subsidy for Ratner Plan From $100 Million to $205 Million

January 17, 2007
Constitutional Rights v. Naming Rights
Ratner Announces Arena Naming Rights Deal With Barclays Bank
Arena Faces Uncertainty ofFederal Eminent Domain Lawsuit


December 20, 2006
Done Deal? The Judiciary Will Decide.
Fate of Atlantic Yards To Be Determined by the Courts
PACB Approves Atlantic Yards Despite Utter Lack of Public Financial Disclosure

December 5, 2006
Thousand of Letters Delivered to: Silver, Bruno, Pataki, Spitzer, Quinn
Letters Call for Postponing Atlantic Yards Vote Until Federal Eminent Domain Suit is Resolved

November 15, 2006
ESDC Certifies Final Environmental Impact Statement
Trying to Ram Ratner Plan Forward, State Agency and Ratner Fail to Make Meaningful Changes or Mitigations

October 26, 2006

Brooklyn Property Owners and Tenants File Federal Eminent Domain Lawsuit
Against Ratner, Pataki, Gargano, Bloomberg and Doctoroff

Plaintiffs' Suit Seeks to Halt the Abusive and Unconstitutional
Use of Eminent Domain for Ratner's Atlantic Yards Development Project

October 23, 2006
Develop Don’t Destroy Brooklyn Walkathon Raises Over $100,000 for Legal Fight Against Ratner's Atlantic Yards
Over 1,200 Donors Prep Fight Against Eminent Domain Abuse, Environmental Degradation and Undemocratic Development Process

October 23, 2006
Mayor Bloomberg Says Three Men in a Room Seems Unconstitutional and Undemocratic
Develop Don’t Destroy Says That's Right

September 5, 2006
ESDC Atlantic Yards Public Hearing on Election Day is Unacceptable
Develop Don't Destroy Urges the Public Not to Attend Hearing but to Participate in the Electoral Process

July 18, 2006
Empire State Development Corporation and Forest City Ratner Release DraftEnvironmental Impact Statement 

Three Years into Ratner’s Brooklyn Proposal and Still Nobody Knows the Developer’s Profits or the True Public Cost
Project Balloons to $4.2 Billion from $3.5 Billion
Financial Benefits for State Substantially Lower Than Promoted by Developer
Public Process Timeframe is Unacceptable

• Download the Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS)

• Download the General Project Plan (GPP)

July 17, 2006
Brooklynites and New Yorkers Demonstrate at Grand Army Plaza
Against Ratner Plan for 16 Skyscrapers and Arena Sweetheart Deal

July 12, 2006

Develop Don't Destroy Brooklyn Continues Momentum Announcing Eight New Advisory Board Members:
Former NY City Planning Commissioner and Urban Planner Ron Shiffman
Joined by Lynn Nottage, Rick Moody, Toshi Reagon, Philip Gourevitch, Myla Goldberg, Michael Showalter and Chris Doyle

Read "Atlantic Yards": Staving Off a Scar for Decades
By Ron Shiffman

June 28, 2006

Develop Don't Destroy Brooklyn and Co-Plaintiffs File Motion For Relief in the Court of Appeals
Plaintiffs Seek Fairness in Process in Which Attorney David Paget is Shared by Forest City Ratner and ESDC on "Atlantic Yards" Proposal Review

June 24, 2006

Phantom Project Pork
State Finalizes $100 Million Appropriation for Highly Speculative Ratner "Atlantic Yards" Proposal

June 13, 2006
An Arena at Coney Island Could Bring Potential End to Pitched Battle Over Ratner's "Atlantic Yards" Skyscraper and Arena Proposal
Built for Crowds--With Ample Space--Brooklyn's One-time Entertainment Destination Could Rise Again

May 11, 2006
Ratner Hides His Own "Atlantic Yards" Project
No Towers in PR Mailing, All Towers Today

May 11, 2006
New Atlantic Yards Proposal, Same as the Old Proposal

New Design Is 16 Skyscrapers Worth of Windowdressing

May 8, 2006
Develop Don't Destroy Brooklyn Announces Formation of Advisory Board

Brooklynites Including Rosie Perez, Steve Buscemi, Jonathan Lethem, Heath Ledger, Jhumpa Lahiri, David Salle, Dan Zanes, Nelson George, Congressman Major Owens and Supreme Court Eminent Domain Lead Plaintiff Susette Kelo
Join the Fight Against Bruce Ratner's "Atlantic Yards" Behemoth

April 26, 2006
Passing of Activist and Urban Thinking Giant Reminder of All That is Wrong With Ratner's "Atlantic Yards"

April 12, 2006

Albany Grants $100 Million for Ratner Proposal
"Atlantic Yards" Developer Receives Subsidy While Project Remains a Financial, Planning and Environmental Mystery

April 6, 2006
Ratner/ESDC "Atlantic Yards" Scope of Analysis Seriously Flawed

Developer Increases Project Size, Makes Hollow Claims & Ignores Community

April 3, 2006
Develop Don't Destroy Brooklyn Sends Public Letter Calling on City Council to Oppose Yankee Stadium Plan
Steinbrenner Plan, Like Ratner/Nets Plan, is an Affront to Communities and a Rip-off of Taxpayers Around the City and State

March 30, 2006

Albany Buries $33 Million for Ratner Arena in Education Fund
"Atlantic Yards" Developer, Seeking $100 Million, Receives Subsidy
While Proposal Remains a Financial, Planning and Environmental Mystery

March 15, 2006
NYPIRG, Elected Officials and Council of Brooklyn Neighborhoods Submit Briefs in Support of Conflicts of Interest Finding in Review of ÔAtlantic Yards'/Ratner Proposal

March 8, 2006

Impending Demolition of "Underberg Building" By Ratner Attempt to Stabilize Battered "Atlantic Yards" Proposal
Ratner's Demolitions Subvert State Review Process

February 16, 2006
Empire State Development Corporation to AppealĘDecision to Disqualify Conflicted Attorney David Paget from Review of Ratner's "Atlantic Yards"
Move By ESDC Raises Serious Questions About Its Desire to
Retain Lawyer So Roundly Rebuked by Justice Carol Edmead on Tuesday

February 14, 2006
State Court Judge Rules ESDC/Ratner Lawyer Has Conflict of Interest
DDDB and Co-Plaintiffs Win Case to Disqualify Lawyer Representing Ratner and ESDC

February 8, 2006
Councilwoman Letitia James, State Senator Velmanette Montgomery and Congressman Major Owens Join In Filing an Amicus Brief Against The Empire State Development Corporation and Forest City Ratner
Elected Officials Representing Proposed Ratner Development Site Support Suit Seeking Injunction on Rubber-stamped Demolition Approval and Disqualification of Conflicted Attorney

February 7, 2006

South Brooklyn Legal Services Joins Lawsuit Against Empire State Development Corporation and Forest City Ratner
Low-income Advocates Seek Injunction on Rubber-stamped Demolition Approval and Disqualification of Conflicted Attorney

January 18, 2006
DDDB and Community Co-Plaintiffs File Suit Against Empire State Development Corporation and Forest City Ratner
Suit Seeks Injunction on Developer's Proposed Demolitions Around "Atlantic Yards" and Disqualification of ESDC's Counsel-Sive, Paget & Riesel-for a Conflict of Interest


October 6, 2005
The Crain's Insider Says Ratner Opponents Wield Political Power
Leading Ratner Opponents, Letitia James and Norman Siegel Thump Ratner Supporters in Districts Impacted by the Developer's 18 Skyscraper and Arena Plan

September 29, 2005
Bruce Ratner Buys B.U.I.L.D., Fabricating Support for Atlantic Yards
Smoking Gun IRS Documents Reveal $5 Million Payment to Supposed "Community Organization"
B.U.I.L.D and Ratner Have Denied Funding Scheme

September 20, 2005
Mayor Bloomberg Misleads and Misinforms on Ratner's Atlantic Yards
Grossly Overstates Jobs Promised, Understates Number of Luxury Apartments

September 14, 2005
The MTA Accepts Low-Ball Bid From Bruce Ratner
Ratner and MTA Rip Off Taxpayers With Deal Well Below Competitor Extell's Offer and Half the MTA's Appraised Value
Develop Don't Destroy Brooklyn Planning Lawsuits

September 1, 2005
The New York Times & Forest City Ratner's Atlantic Yards: High-Rises & Low Standards
Report: Newspaper Shirks Duty to Cover Development by its Own Business Partner, Ratner
Coalition Requests Response from Executive Editor, Public Editor

August 17, 2005
DDDB Reveals Secret Agreement Among Bruce Ratner, New York City and State
Besides Private Memorandum of Understanding, What Else is Bruce Ratner Hiding?

August 17, 2005
Develop Don't Destroy Attorney, Jeffrey Baker Reprimands the MTA on Atlantic Yards

Says MTA Has Set Forth on a Misbegotten Course With Its Lack of Response to Eminent Domain Issue and Bad Faith RFP Process

July 27 , 2005
The MTA Chooses Exclusive Negotiations with Low-ball Bidder Ratner
In Full Public View the MTA Abdicates Its Responsibility to the Public, Puts Development at Vanderbilt Yards at Risk, and Ignores the High Bid from Extell

July 26 , 2005
Develop Don't Destroy Brooklyn Attorney Tells MTA Ratner's Bid is Contingent on Eminent Domain
Legal Counsel Informs MTA of Ratner's Legal Hurdles and Ramifications

July 26 , 2005
The Developer Has No Clothes
Ratner Rejection of Extell Arena Compromise Exposes Ratner Plan for What It Is: An Arena as a Front for a Massive Land Grab

July 25 , 2005
Extell Bids $150 Million vs. Ratner's $50 Million for the MTA's Rail Yards in Brooklyn
DDDB Demands That MTA Deliberate for More Than Two Days And Postpone Vote Until Next Meeting in September

June 28, 2005
Bloomberg's PR Tactics Mislead on Ratner's So-called "Community" Benefits Agreement
Ratner's 20-year History of Broken Promises Show Bad Faith

June 23, 2005
The U.S. Supreme Court Misses Historic Moment

Develop Don’t Destroy Urges Albany to Curb Eminent Domain Abuse

March 9, 2005
Develop Don't Destroy Calls on Democratic Mayoral Candidates To Oppose Bruce Ratner's Taxpayer-Subsidized Sweetheart Deal
Open Letter Demands that Candidates Treat Brooklyn Like the West Side

March 4 , 2005
Bloomberg, Pataki Declare War on Brooklynites and Taxpayers
MoU Will be DOA Once Public Learns What a Bad Deal Ratner's Plan Is


December 6 , 2004
Develop Don't Destroy Attorneys File Brief with US Supreme Court
High Court's Decision Could Kill Bruce Ratner's Nets Arena/High-rise Proposal

November 30, 2004
Brooklyn Community Boards 2, 6 and 8 Host Pep Rally for Forest City Ratner
Community Members are Left Out in the Cold While FCR Supporters Get VIP Treatment Ratner

November 18 , 2004
Ratner "Community Benefits Agreement" (CBA) is DOA and Brooklyn Community Board Chairs Helped Kill It
DDDB and Community Board Members Slam čNew Low" in Community Participation, and CB Conflict of Interest

November 4 , 2004
Bruce Ratner's Greed Kills Lower Manhattan Deal
Pace Univ. Withdraws After Developer Breaks His Promise
"What a Shock!" Says Develop Don't Destroy "Would He Do That to Brooklyn!????"

October 7 , 2004
Brooklyn Minister and "Caring" Bruce Ratner to Pursue "Community Benefits Agreement"
Ratner Trying to Divide Community Over Who Gets Crumbs from His Table

August 26, 2004
DDDb Files Official Complaint with NYC Conflicts of Interest Board Demands City Planning Commissioner Dolly Williams divest interest in Ratner development plan or face legal consequences.

August 24, 2004
Leading Elected Officials, Olympic Expert Brian Hatch and DDDB Blast "Land Grab Wrapped in Olympic Rings"
DDDB unveils watchdog report exposingfatal flaws, false claims in NYC2012 bid

August 23, 2004
Ratner Arena Victims Unveil Message to International Olympic Committee President:
"Please Don't Destroy Our Homes"

August 16, 2004
Guess Who's Coming to Brooklyn with Bruce Ratner?
Tyco Crook Dennis Kozlowski, City Planning Insider Dolly Williams

What other dirty secrets are hidden inside Nets shadow syndicate?

August 12, 2004
Tish James, DDDB Challenge NYC to "Get in the Game" after NBA Stiffs Community, Approves Nets Sale to Ratner
Unveils úSafety Nets Plan" to promote real public oversight and demand real public accountability in arena deal

August 5, 2004
14 Organizations Join DDDB’s Call for Passage of Albany Legislation
Bill Would Require City Review of Ratner’s Nets Arena Plan
Diverse Communities United in Demanding ULURP Review for 17 High-Rise Megadevelopment

August 3, 2004
The Unraveling of Ratner's Bogus Nets Bid, Part V
Major Investor Pullout is Latest Sign That Deceptive Developer's Support is Tanking

August 3, 2004
Michigan State Supreme Court Rules Against Eminent Domain Abuse
Landmark Decision Is A Wake Up Call to Other States' Courts
Ruling Bolsters Argument That Bruce Ratner's Nets Arena Complex Proposal Does Not Meet The 'Public Use' Requirement for Eminent Domain

August 2, 2004
Bruce Ratner Cries Wolf Again... Fourth Announcement of NBA Approval Is Not Followed by Vote on the Nets

Fans and Community: "Who's Calling the Shots Here?" DDDB: "Only Ratner's Shadow Syndicate Knows!"

July 30, 2004
Straphangers to Provide Huge Subsidies for Bruce Ratner's Nets Arena Complex?

New York Riders Will Get Railroaded Unless MTA Demands Top Market Price

July 26, 2004
DDDB Questions Objectivity of Daily News's Coverage of New Ratner Mall in Brooklyn

Draws link between Ratner ad supplement Sunday and puff piece column the same day

July 21, 2004
City Council Members Charles Barron and Christine Quinn Join Tish James's Call for Nets Arena Complex Oversight
Warn Against úFronting" by Developers

July 15, 2004
Nets Fire Sale Begins: Taxpayers to be Burned Next

July 14, 2004
Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver Calls for ULURP Process for Javits Expansion and West Side Stadium

DDDB Demands ULURP Equity for Brooklyn

July 8, 2004
City Councilmember Letitia James Urges Bloomberg and Miller to Launch Formal Economic Review of Nets Arena Development

June 28, 2004
Independent Economic Analysis of Ratner Nets Arena Plan Shows Project Will Lose $500 Million in Public Funds
DDDB Releases Study to Debunk Ratner's Bogus Claims and Warn Potential Investors and Taxpayers that the Project Would be a "Sucking Sinkhole"

June 19, 2004
Develop Don't Destroy Rally Draws 3,000 Community Members. Opposition to Ratner Plan Grows, 40 Groups Join Community Coalition.

June 16, 2004
Develop Don't Destroy Condemns Order Mandating Residents Support Nets Arena